About the Notary Brothers

The Notary Brothers is a partnership created in order to launch the Notary Brothers Bootcamp. We're college-educated individuals who realized after graduating that our degrees didn't mean as much as we thought and so individually, we looked for other paths and stumbled upon Mobile Notary as a career. 

Our businesses started out small, but after a LOT of trial and error, we started to hone in on the techniques that drove revenue and eventually figured out our "formula". Since then, we've focused on building the best Mobile Notary practices in the LA, with our biggest differentiator being good marketing techniques.

For years, friends and family would see the amount we're earning and become curious as to how a Notary could earn that much and we decided to start coaching people individually. Soon, our mentees were doing really well following the steps we outlined for creating their business and running their marketing.

After seeing so many of the people we coached become as successful as we were, we realized that we could condense all our knowledge into a single Bootcamp. Thus, the idea was born and we created the Notary Brothers Bootcamp in order to teach anyone willing to learn. 

About Being a Notary

About the Bootcamp

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