My Cool Notary Experience: Animals at the Wedding

Dec 21, 2022

As a mobile notary in Los Angeles, I have seen my fair share of strange and unusual situations. But one of the strangest experiences I ever had was when I was called to provide notary services for a couple who were getting married in their backyard.

When I arrived at the couple's house, I was greeted by the bride and groom, who were both dressed in white and looked very excited. They told me that they had decided to get married in their backyard, surrounded by their friends and family, and they needed a notary to witness their marriage certificate.

As I began to notarize the document, I noticed that there were several animals running around the backyard, including dogs, cats, birds, and even a pig. The bride and groom explained that they were passionate animal lovers, and they had decided to include their pets in their wedding ceremony.

As the ceremony began, the couple exchanged their vows and rings, and then they turned to me to sign the marriage certificate. I carefully verified their identities and witnessed their signatures, ensuring that the document was legally valid.

But just as I was finishing up, I heard a loud squawking noise and looked up to see a large parrot flying over the wedding party. The parrot landed on the bride's shoulder and began to nuzzle her neck, causing the guests to laugh and cheer.

After the ceremony was over, I congratulated the bride and groom and handed them their notarized marriage certificate. As I left the backyard, I couldn't help but smile at the strange and wonderful experience I had just witnessed. It just goes to show that as a mobile notary, you never know what kind of unusual situations you might encounter.


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